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Tactical Systems


Tactical Mission System for Net-Centric Operations

Tactical Mission System

Helicopter Mission System

Avionics Displays

Line of Displays

Line of Displays & Display Head Assemblies

21 inch Panoramic Display

Affordable Dual Redundant Display

10 inch Tactix Pilots Display

Advanced, LCD Based, Thin Profile, Touch Sensitive Display

12.8 inch Display Unit

Full HD, LCD Based, Multi Touch, Touch Sensitive Display

15.6 inch Multi-Function Display

Full HD, IPS Technology, NVIS Compatible Backlight

Airborne Computers 

EICAS - Engine Instrumentation & Crew Alert System (EDCU)

Control Units  - UFCD

Glass Cockpit

Air Data Computers


C-MAN - Computerized Maritime Navigation System

Surface Vessels


Land Displays

Fire Control for Artillery

Command & Control Solutions


Cyber Security

Avionics Bus Monitoring    (Coming soon !)

Weapon Control

Rockets & Guns Armament System

Rockets & Guns Armament System

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