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5X5 Display Head Assembly

Astronautics has recently completed development of its new display product – the 5x5 display head assembly.

The product has completed its qualification tests.

The product will soon by supplied to another display manufacturer which will integrate it as part of the display system in cockpit modification for an advanced trainer aircraft.

Astronautics intends to supply more than 400 DHAs for the current program.

The DHA includes:

  • Color AMLCD with low reflectance

  • Dual mode backlight

  • Interface to standard video and communication

  • Illuminated pushbuttons bezel.

  • Mechanical enclosure.


The DHA highlights:

  • Wide viewing angle – IPS technology.

  • Anti-Reflection coating for direct view in sunlight.

  • Highly saturated wide color gamut.

  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Compatibility - option.

  • Wide dimming range brightness control for day and night operation.

  • Chip-on-glass (COG) technology results in very rugged construction.

  • Designed to meet stringent Military Standards.

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