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Israeli Navy Corvettes SA'AR 6

Astronautics Company, which serves as the Israeli Naval Systems Home of Israel, won the tender for the development and supply of the Navigation Data Distribution System for Saar 6, the newest naval surface ships.

Astronautics' systems will be installed on the new ships upon arrival in Israel.

The system is characterized by the inclusion of all navigation data and distribution to all the ship's operational users such as weapon systems, at large rates, a variety of communication channels and very high accuracy. By using advanced data fusion algorithms the system provides the best navigation data for the various units in the ship.

The company recently provided the first system to the naval laboratories. it will soon be integrated with the other ship systems.

The new system developed by Astronautics has advanced capabilities and combines technologies and algorithms that will make a significant contribution to performing missions under the challenges of navigation warfare in the present and future era.

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