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Quality System

Quality is the full range of product / service features that results in customer satisfaction as expressed in the AS9100D: 2016 standard. Quality is delivered to the product / service by the planners, manufacturers and service providers.

The Company's management is responsible for introducing and implementing the quality policy, in all aspects with the aim of bringing about the quality activities of every employee in the company and every field in it.

Quality policy:

 In the market in which Astronautics operates, a prerequisite for success is the ability to develop and deliver products that meet the required performance according to the timescales the company has undertaken. A quality manager is appointed in the company, who is a member of the company's management and there is a quality system whose objectives are determined by the management:

  • Existing quality management system in accordance with International Standard AS9100D: 2016 in development and production.

  • Maintain a quality control system, which is responsible for auditing the production processes.

  • Participate in the process of passing the quality practices requirements to the employees' knowledge and verify that the employees understand the quality requirements.

  • Achieve customer satisfaction on all quality issues.

  • Handling customer complaints.

  • Establish an exception handling system and corrective activity.

  • Creating a continuous improvement process.

  • Maintain a systematic process of analyzing customer requirements, pricing them and including them fully in the work plan

  • Maintain infrastructure and knowledge as required to fully fulfill the obligations to the client

  • Implement in its employees the duty of work by procedures, documentation and technical processes

  • Ensure a match between skills, responsibilities and authority for each position.

  • Establish performance goals for and manage key processes.

  • Implement culture of meeting obligations with internal and external factors in all areas of activity.

In addition, the entire management is committed to the following activities:

  • Implement a quality policy, ensuring employees' recognition and understanding of quality requirements.

  • Know and bring about methods and tools related to quality cultivation and adapt them to the needs of the company.

  • Distribute the tools and methods, including appropriate training, in the work processes.

  • Ensure control over the various processes at the plant and create processes for continuous improvement as needed.

  • Provide feedback to professional bodies on the quality of their performance and be a driving force in process improvement efforts

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