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Air Data Computers (ADC)

Astronautics C.A Ltd. Is a leader in Air Data technology.
Air data systems are getting input from the aircraft's pitot system and convert it to digital data formats, enabling the data to be integrated within the aircraft's computers and other digital systems such as Smart displays, Head up and Helmet displays, Weapon control computers, Navigation systems, Propulsions systems and many more.

Astronautics provides high accuracy Digital Air Data Computers (DADC), and Miniature Air Data Computers (MADC), installed in various airborne applications, such as: F-4, F-5, F-16, Mig-21, Kfir, A-4, Mirage III, C-130, L-159.

The Israeli Air Force is among the users of Astronautics' Air Data computers.

Several of the most capable UAV types are using Astronautics' Air Data computers.

The Company has the capability to tailor ADC's to any airborne platform.

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