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Astronautics Displays & Display Head Assemblies (DHA)

Over the years, Astro has manufactured more than 10,000 Avionics & Military Displays. Many of them are still in operational use by Air Forces, civil aviation & ground military customers around the globe.

LCD technology

Our LCD Displays incorporate modern LCD technology which includes:

  • IPS technology for wide viewing angles and virtually unchanged colors and gamma over wide angles

  • Custom or standard sizes

Backlight design
  • Our products include white LEDs coupled to a light guide, or back mounted RGB LEDs

  • High optical efficiency > 100 Lumen / Watt

  • NVIS compatibility in dual mode (day / night)

  • Thermal design for maximum heat removal from the LEDs

  • High contrast in sunlight

Touch Panel

Optional technologies for a touch panel:

  • Resistive touch-panel

  • Infra-red (IR) touch panel

  • Capacitive touch-panel



Our manufacturing department is ISO-9001:2015 / AS9100D approved. Additional approvals were received from our customers such as IAI, IAF, Rafael and Airbus

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