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Fire Control for Artillery

Download pdf brochure:
Automated Tactical Artillery Control System – ATACS
  • State of the art Navigation and Aiming Systems for Mortars, MLRS, Self-Propelled guns and

  • Towed guns.

  • Modern Digital Fire Control Systems for Artillery.

  • Accurate Navigation Systems for Transport and survey.

  • The ATACS enables autonomous gun Navigation and Pointing and provides ballistic

  • computation capabilities to enhance weapon operation.

  • The accurate, rapid and  responsive system enables Shoot and Scoot and thus gains the

  • force-multiplier advantage!


The ATACS consists of the following elements:
  • Vehicle Reference Unit (VRU)- Kearfott‘s MILNAV®, KN-4053, Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro -INS/GPS

  • Commander’s Control and Display Unit & Tactical Computer (CDU&TC)

  • Gunner’s Display Unit (GDU)

  • Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR)

  • Vehicle Motion Sensor (VMS)

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