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Computerized Maritime Navigation System

Designed to achieve maximum weapon efficiency due to the most accurate real-time  navigation data

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TurnKey System Solution for shipboard Integrated Navigation and inertial Data Distribution.

Data Computation and data distribution to all shipboard sub-systems of all directions motion sensing, attitude and position.

Interface to Command & Control, Weapons, Electro Optical Directors, Radar Antennas and other ship’s inertial data users.

High Accuracy, High-Reliability inertial sensor with embedded GPS, accurate positioning.


Flexibility and Modularity

Modular architecture allowing the use of any combination of sensors (INS/GPS, EM/Doppler Log, Echo sounder, Meteorological sensors, etc.)

Advanced Processing utilizing Kalman Filters

optimized for naval navigation data, incorporates accurate compensation and data filtering taking into account latency and utilizing unique prediction algorithm considering the characteristics of naval vessels.


SNS - Ship Navigation System

The SNS is the core of Astronautics distributed architecture design, based on Navigation Computers (NC) and multiple Data Distribution Units (DDUs). Each DDU provides RS422 digital outputs (NMEA) and Ethernet LANs.

NC and DDU architecture 
The NC and DDU are based on the state of art powerful processor for real-time computation.
Main features:
Digital and discrete data collection from navigation sensors and distribution to navigation and inertial data sub-system customers.
Calculation of navigation parameters. 
Navigation system control, fault detection and alarm. 
Data transfer via internal ethernet network. 
Data fusion of several sensors.
Built-in GPS anti-spoofing 
Automatic input priority data: selects for each output, the best input source at any given time.


Cyber Security & Navigation warfare

Various layers of Cyber protection, anti-spoofing / anti-jamming features are provided according to each users’ requirements. 


Main Control and Display Unit/Main Display Unit

19” Panel PC with LED backlite and touch screen.

The MCDU controls the C-MAN and presents all the System Navigation Data and system BIT status with sound alert capability. The MDU is the same unit without control capabilities.

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