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Head Up Display Control Panel

​Download pdf brochure:
  • Replaces aging Head Up Display panel

  •  Provides an added color LCD display to the cockpit

  •  Advanced Man Machine Operation

  •  Supports modern operation of aircraft’s COMM devices

  •  Provides audio/radio controls

  •  Numeric keypad / Cursor device / knobs

  •  Software selectable switches (around the display)



Astronautics’ Head Up Display Control Panel features includes:
  •  True flat-panel display & modern operating switches, knobs, soft-switches, keypad and cursor device

  •  Active Matrix LCD Display

  •  LED backlight

  • Bezel with multi-function switches, cursor, numeric keypad, concentric knobs, brightness/contrast   rockers and more

  •  Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatibility

  •  Selectable Brightness Modes: Day/Night/NVG

  •  Modular Rugged Construction

  •   BIT > 98% faults detection

  •  Anti-Reflective coating

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