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Rockets & Guns Armament System

By Niron Systems & Projects

In today’s increasing hostile environment, even utility helicopters and light aircraft platforms need security enhancements to improve survivability and ensure mission completion.

Any self-defense solution should include offensive capabilities, to deter and repel enemy attacks.


A good offensive Self-defense system must provide guaranteed performance and operational readiness, while keeping operating and maintenance tasks to a minimum. In addition, the system should provide for continuous implementation of innovative process and hardware improvements.

RGAS Operational Features

Standalone Rockets and Guns control system for all eastern and western helicopters and fix wing aircraft.


Open architecture with:

  •  Armament Control Unit (ACU).

  •  Multi-Function-Color-Display (MFCD).

  •  Rockets and Guns Interface Unit (RGIU).


Growth potential of software and hardware interfaces with same connector:

  •  New types of weapons.

  •  Chaff & Flare dispensing control.

  •  Display images from observation system.


Significantly reduce aircrew work load.

  •  MIL-STD-1553B or RS-422 serial communication for intra-system interface.

  •  Built-In-Test (BIT)


System Description


Leading edge digital computer controlling mission application, I/O, Video, Voice and Graphics processing.


Rockets and Guns Interface Unit, enabling full functionality control. Interface with the ACU digitally.

System Function
  • Station selection.

  •  Weapon selection.

  •  Weapon type.

  •  Burst & Interval for rocket fire.

  •  Guns bullet counter and limiter.

  •  Real-time inventory update.


Safety Features
  • The RGAS complies with weapon safety requirements.

  • Control and monitors safe firing of rockets and guns.

  • Management of power supply to the stores.

  • Separate discrete for emergency jettison capability.

  • Prevention of unintentional firing on ground.

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