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Gun Laying Positioning system (GLPS)
Main Functions

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  1. The GLPS replaces the traditional Battery Optical Director (the traditional artillery battery optical director is based on a magnetic compass).

  2. The GLPS accurately measures the location of  each one of the battery guns and provides accurate direction to the guns optical sight.

  3. Can be used as a Target Acquisition System by the Artillery Forward Observer as well as a Surveying System.

  4. The GLPS accurately measures survey points.

  1. The GLPS is based on Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) INS technology.

  2. Enables accurate gun laying (better than 1 mil).

  3. The GLPS azimuth accuracy is not influenced by magnetic interferences and/or by atmospheric interruptions.

  4. Reduces time to complete battery gun readiness

  5. Improves gun setting accuracy

  1. The GLPS includes a sophisticated navigation application with a digital map

  2. The GLPS can be mounted on any light vehicle or tripod.

  3. The GLPS application easily enables mission planning with many routes. Each route can have many waypoints

The system in Pictures​
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