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Engine Instrumentation & Crew Alert System (EICAS) Computers

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Astronautics’ Engine Data Converter Unit (EDCU) digitizes engine and non-avionics sensor data (hydraulics, temperature, fuel etc.) and provides digitized ARINC-429 data to the avionics.

The EDCU support EICAS system, as a data acquisition unit, operating with EICAS displays, or a stand alone data concentrator, to provide digitized sensors data to avionics or non-avionics systems.

Astronautics’ EDCU is fully DO-178B, Level A and DO-254 compliant. The EDCU is fully dual-redundant and TSO certified.


Available EDCU’s:
  • EDCU HELO (Engine Data Converter for Helicopters)

  • EDCU (Transport Aircraft Engine Data Concentrator)

  • EDCU Trainer (Engine Data Converter for Trainers)

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