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Corona Virus Disinfecting Machine
[Hawkeye System]




  • Large Scale delivery

  • Transportable

  • Proven Disinfectant


  • No residue

  • Minimal Recurring cost

  • Disinfectant produced on demand, no hazardous storage or transport

  • Thoroughly disperse to all areas

Large Scale Aqueous Ozone Disinfectant Delivery System

  • Effectively kills CoronaVirus

  • Cost-effective No chemicals

  • Environment-friendly

  • Hawkeye is a transportable aqueous ozone mist based disinfectant system combats bacteria, mold, germs and viruses such as the CoronaVirus, MERS, SARS, and Ebola

  • Ozone, the disinfecting agent, is widely used disinfectant purifies municipal water supplies, bottled water, hospital laundry, and many other industrial and commercial products.  50 times more powerful and over 3000 times faster acting than chlorine bleach, and requires only air, water, and electricity to be created, with virtually no recurring cost.  Ozone molecules attack contaminants, penetrate the cell membranes, and  destroy them.

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