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Command & Control Solutions

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ABMS  - Artillery Battle Management System

The ABMS is a Command, Control, Communication and Computer Intelligence (C4 I) system dedicated for artillery forces.

The ABMS enables real-time coordination of operational plans and orders between the command centers down to the gun level.

The System is based on the following elements:

  • Battery & Battalion Fire Direction Center (FDC)

  • Navigation And Pointing System (NAPOS)

  • Forward Observer System (FOS)

  • Battalion & Brigade Fire Support Elements (FSE)

ABMS - Main Features


  • Delivers devastating and accurate fire at the right place and right time against enemy targets

  • Creates significant savings in weapon systems and ammunition costs

  • Provides additional protection to friendly forces

  • Prevents friendly fire accidents

  • Significant combat multiplier

  • Shortens times for effective engagement of targets

  • Simple, intuitive battlefield situation awareness

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