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ADS-B Monitoring

  • CyberSmart®-4000 (ADS-B) - A cyber-attack detection and protection solution for ADS-B networks

  • Based on Astronautics' patent pending ADS-B authentication (Add-on, no need to modify the ADS-B system)

  • For ground-based ATC networks and/or airborne platforms

  • Based on Astronautics' patent pending ADS-B correlator IoT device

  • Identifies cyber-attacks over ADS-B network

  • Identify, alert and filter fake ADS-B transmissions

  • Consist of:

- IoT device (RF signal processing) - Analyzing the electrical characteristics of the RF signal

- Correlator, comparing the RF signal characteristics to the actual aircraft data, included in the ADS-B message.

- Alert the user (Air Traffic Controller / Pilot) of a fake reception or filter out the reception of fake aircraft.

  • Turnkey solution integrated into ATC networks or add-on to the airborne ADS-B system (Externally).

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